Bvlgari Mini / Small Serpenti Cabochon Crossbody Bag Geometric Maxi Matelasse Pattern 291490 291085 Black

Bvlgari Mini / Small Serpenti Cabochon Crossbody Bag Geometric Maxi Matelasse Pattern 291490 291085 Black

Bvlgari Mini / Small Serpenti Cabochon Crossbody Bag Geometric Maxi Matelasse Pattern 291490 291085 Ivory

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Made of a captivating combination between a large graphic motif and bold metal details, this “Serpenti Cabochon” crossbody bag is ready to enlarge the Serpenti universe with its sophisticated and functional design, featuring a contemporary style. The geometric maxi matelassé pattern, inspired by the sinuous surface of cabochon-cut gemstones, enriches the extreme softness of the Blush Quartz pink calf leather of the bag's core. The model is enriched with a new interpretation of the Serpenti head closure in gold-plated brass, taking inspiration from a Bvlgari heritage watch from the 1960s, with small pink mother-of-pearl scales in the middle and red enamel eyes. Recalling the jeweller DNA, an iconic Bvlgari chain adorns the flap like a collier, also suitable as a refined handle. Perfect to accessorise a sophisticated day-to-night look.
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bvl 291490 291085 Ivory


  • Small: one gusset, a zipped internal pocket and an inner open pocket.
  • Mini: one gusset and a card slot.
  • metal tag featuring the Bvlgari logo.
  • Small: 22.5 x 15 x 10 cm - 8.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches.
  • Mini: 18 x 12 x 8 cm - 7.1 x 4.7 x 3.1 inches.
  • adjustable and detachable leather shoulder strap.
  • Genuine imported Cowhide leather.

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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Mirela Gaux
Apr ,15 2022
Love it so much, thanks!!! Quality is excellent! - Mirela Gaux
Mirela Gaux
Apr ,15 2022
Thanks. They fits perfectly. Great customer service. - Mirela Gaux
Nur Amina
Apr ,12 2022
My second time shopping with Designerpurse and I am pleased with the quality, will carry on shopping with you in future. - Nur Amina
Apr ,10 2022
The quality of the ostrich leather is unbelievably amazing!! great service! love it so much - Natasha
Apr ,09 2022
Oh god this bag is gorgeous and it's so well made. I have no complains whatsoever on the quality of it. It was my very first bag, and I was so shocked how nice it was. The structure feels sturdy, hardware is weighty but not too heavy. The color is light blue but the camera doesn't pick up the color very well. - Charles
Apr ,07 2022
This bag is so functional. It easily fits over the shoulder and the wool strap is genius. It allows the bag to stay on and not cause shoulder pain. The 4 exterior pockets, also brilliant. There is an interior zip pocket and slip pocket as well. It is such a well designed bag. It just looks and feels luxurious and I love this so much - CC
Apr ,06 2022
So for the first LV bag I got from here, I was truly blown away with the quality of the leather, details, handiwork (stitching) and hardware. With this bag, I am again amazed, this bag is so well made and the canvas thickness and texture matches my authentic really well, it’s just that perhaps that first bag really set the standards sky high. No points deducted for this feeling since it’s purely subjective. - Apple
Apr ,04 2022
I was prepared to be underwhelmed by my purchase, but it truly exceeded my expectations! My entire household (aka, my mom and sisters lol - my dad just judged us from a distance) was super excited with the arrival of my bag, since none of us expected it to be as perfect as it is. I got the bag today, and have already gone ahead and sent them my super long wishlist, so that I can purchase a few more bags from her. - Amys
Apr ,02 2022
The leather of this bag is just WOW! It has the typical, nice leather smell, no fufu at all. It is very soft to the touch, and the grainy structure looks super beautiful. I have thoroughly inspected the bag and in my opinion, the stitching is perfect. There are no missed stitches, and every stitch is even and located just where it is supposed to be. The golden hardware is beautiful and seems to be high quality. The lock is turning just like my auth and the zipper is running smoothly. This bag is really, really well made! I already sent the pictures to two bagloving friends of mine and they were shocked how good the quality is. - Linda
so love Cousin
Mar ,29 2022
I was totally in awe by the quality when receiving this bag. The leather is beautiful and puffy, with just the right amount of shine. The hardware is heavy, and the etching is very tidy. The stitching outside and inside the bag is immaculate (if there is an issue, I can’t find it). The bag was packaged and protected well, so much so that the LV box is in perfect condition. If you hadn’t already guessed, I am thrilled with this bag. I cant wait to take her out this weekend, I feel I could wear her confidently with no concerns about anyone thinking this was a replica. I think my next replica purchase will be something a little more sophisticated (maybe a Fendi Peekaboo for work), but this Coussin will always be my go to “Brunch on Sundays” bag. - so love Cousin