ACTRESS : アメリア

DESCRIPTION : 透明感あふれる瞳。150cmミニマムボディに不釣り合いなHカップ爆乳。びっくり企画で恩師とのセックスですが、顔モザイクの恩師は怪しさ満点。男優顔負けのピストンを繰り返し若葉ちゃんを何度も追い込みます。しかし何と言っても当作はオッパイの揺れです。圧巻は騎乗位!自分から腰を上下に動かし充実のオッパイゆさゆさを収録!ご堪能ください。Her eyes are filled with a sense of transparency、 and her H-cup breasts are disproportionate to her minimalist 150cm body. She has sex with her mentor in a surprise project、 but the mentor、 whose face is mosaic、 looks suspicious. He repeatedly pistons Wakaba as hard as a male actor. But the best part of this movie is the swaying boobs. The best part is the cowgirl position! She moves her hips up and down、 and you can see her boobs bobbing and swaying! Please enjoy it.アメリカからの金髪留学生が撮影応募。カタコト日本語なので字幕いらず。白人だけあってお肌は真っ白。日本人の美白肌とはモノが違うし、乳首も綺麗な薄ピンク。マ●コは正真正銘サーモンピンク。「クパァ」を何度しても飽きない美麗マ●コに反り返ったサムライチ●ポを挿入。肌が白いから顔どころか胸まで火照り快感に身をよじるアメリア。『ヤバイ!ヤバイ!』と言ってイっちゃうクセが可愛らしい。完全日本撮影。スタッフも日本人で組んだ金髪マ●コを堪能ください。A blonde student from the U.S. applied for the film. No need for subtitles as she speaks only broken Japanese. Her skin is pure white. Her nipples are a beautiful light pink. Her nipples are a beautiful light pink、 and her pussy is a true salmon pink. I inserted my warped samurai dick into her beautiful pussy、 which I never get tired of playing Kupaa. Amelia’s skin is so white that not only her face but also her breasts are on fire as she writhes in pleasure. I can’t believe it! Oh no! She is so cute when she says Oh no! The film was shot entirely in Japan. The staff is also Japanese、 so please enjoy the blonde pussy.

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