ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : みんな大好き「人妻ナンパ中出しイカセ」の吉祥寺駅前編!2012年に発売された超モンスター級の売上げを誇る吉祥寺編の再来!セレブタウンの奥様4名のHなアンケート!下心を付いてロケ車両内でローター、電マ、バイブで連続イキ!今回は1番4番の奥様がお薦め!まだ若いのにねっとりしたキスから始まる濃厚セックス!This is the Kichijoji Station version of everyone’s favorite Housewife Pickup Creampie Cumfest! It’s the return of the super-selling Kichijoji version that was released in 2012! Four wives from this trendy town were given a survey、 and their ulterior motives were exploited to make them cum continuously with love eggs、 electric massagers、 and vibrators in the pickup car! This time、 I recommend Ms. #1 and #4! They’re still so young、 but their sex is full steam and starts with a passionate kiss!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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