DESCRIPTION : When high season hits、 a plethora of hot ass returns to the red light areas of Thailand to take advantage of the hot-n-horny sex mongers who flock here by the millions. Kanni is one who makes the trip down to Pattaya to work at the Karaoke bars on Third Road. These are generally bars for Thai men who like to buy bottles and drink with pretty girls all night. I suspect these girls get bar-fined and short-timed in nearby hotels、 but I haven’t really delved into this relatively large eco-system of the Pattaya nightlife scene. Fortunately、 I met Kanni at a different venue which is a nearby noodle shop. I like to eat cheap Thai food where I see lots of Thai eating so I can be sure that the food is clean. Kanni was sitting next to me with her friend when I introduced myself. After some small talk and smiles、 I got Kanni’s phone number which is all I needed to get so I could pursue her further at another time. Fast forward a few days later and now Kanni is standing naked in front of me. Kanni is no stranger to being a model、 but she has never made a sex video before. I was really surprised when she sucked my cock so well as she seems as if she has watched movies before. When I slid my cock inside of her wet pussy、 it felt so good. Kanni has a great skinny body and a wonderful ass. Kanni was receptive to my raw cock penetrating her young little cunt. When I finally was ready to cum、 I made sure to blast off all my hot sperm deep inside Kanni’s wet pussy. I think I will explore the Thai karaoke scene more frequently.

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