DESCRIPTION : 不倫の恋に落ちる。既婚者の年下の部下にある日言い寄られる花。…突然だった…まさか、高田君に告白されるなんて…。夫には勿論言えない。絶対内緒の2人だけの秘め事。揺れる人妻の想いの先にあるのは…。A woman falls in love with infidelity. Hana is wooed one day by a younger colleague who is married. …It was so all of a sudden. She never would have expected Takada to confess his love to her… She can’t tell her husband、 of course. It’s a dirty little secret between the two. What lies ahead for this wavering housewife?

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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