ACTRESS : 小野寺真優

DESCRIPTION : 真優にはある悩みがあった。それは子供が欲しいのに主人が途中で挿入をやめてフェラチオを求めてくること…。子供が欲しくて中に出してほしいのに…。旦那には同級生であり、かつて真優に好意を寄せていた弟がいた。真優は子供欲しさにその思いを利用し家に呼びつけ、弟を誘惑。ついに妊娠計画を実行するのであった…。 Mayu had a problem. She wanted to have, but her husband would stop penetration halfway through and ask her to give him a blow job…. She wants and wants him to come inside her…. Her husband had a younger brother who was a classmate and who once had a crush on Mayu. Mayu takes advantage of her desire for and calls him to her house to seduce him. Finally, she implements her plan to get pregnant….

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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