DESCRIPTION : 今回、ご紹介する動画に登場するのは好奇心旺盛で関西弁がキュートなかなちゃんの動画です。某SNSで彼氏のチ○ポへの不満やデカチンについてのつぶやきをしていたかなちゃん。フォロー&DMを送って時間をかけて仲良くなりました。デカチンを見てみるだけ見てみる??と誘ってみたらノリノリでOKでした。待ち合わせにきたかなちゃんとホテルへGO。そこでかなちゃんの隠れた部分が露わに。とにかく凄い物をお持ちだったんです。The girl in the video I’m going to show you is Kana-chan, who is very curious and has a cute Kansai dialect. Kana-chan was tweeting on a certain social networking site about her frustration with her boyfriend’s dick and about his big dick. I took the time to follow her and DM her to get to know her. I asked her if she’d like to take a look at my penis, and she said yes. We went to a hotel where Kana-chan’s hidden parts were revealed. She had something amazing in store for me.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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