ACTRESS : 宮森みすず

DESCRIPTION : 自宅に招いた係長から夫の不正を突き付けられ「愛人にならなくていい。何回かだけでいいんだ」と、脅され妻の貞操は崩れた。彼女を繰り返し揺すり、夢にまで見た彼女の体を夫の横で、廊下で、夫婦の寝室で思う存分堪能していく。そして彼は姿を現さなくなった。果たして夫の横領は真実だったのか…。The section chief who invited her home confronted her with her husband’s dishonesty and threatened her, “You don’t have to be my mistress. You don’t have to be my mistress, just a few times.” The wife’s fidelity was shattered when he threatened her. He repeatedly shook her and enjoyed her body as much as he dreamed of, beside her husband, in the hallway, and in the couple’s bedroom. And then he stopped showing up. Was her husband’s embezzlement true?

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