DESCRIPTION : “【あらすじ】 SNSで釣り上げた女子大生ありすちゃん(20) 控えめな性格で男性には積極的にはいけないタイプ。今まで付き合った男性のチ○ポが七味の容器くらいのサイズでそれがきっかけで別れた事も。 実際に大きいチ○ポを見てみる?と誘って待ち合わせ。実際に来たありすちゃんは色白美人でかなりの上玉。 デカチン男を投入し生々しいチ○ポを見せつけられたありすちゃんは思わず笑顔に。女性からメスになる様子をご覧ください♪””[Synopsis. College student Arisu (20), fished out of a social networking site. She has a reserved personality and is not the type to be aggressive with men. The only man she has ever dated had a dick the size of a shichimi container and she broke up with him because of it. I asked her if she’d like to see a big dick in person. When she arrived in person, she was beautiful, white, and had a big dick. When the guy with the big dick was introduced to her, she couldn’t help but smile as he showed her his fresh dick. Watch her go from female to female.”

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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