DESCRIPTION : ブルマニアのオジサンがブルマを知らない美少女に穿かせて撮影するシリーズ。 ヒップが驚異の103cmある超デカ尻娘のかなえちゃん。 その大きさに用意したLサイズプレミアブルマもパッツンパッツン。その巨尻にコンプレックスを感じながらも運動させられて尻肉太もも揺れまくり。 しかもエッチ大好きで何回もイキまくる中出しブルマん娘(こ)!In this series, an old man who is a bloomer fanatic, makes a beautiful girl wear some and films her. Kanae is a girl with a super big ass and with astonishingly large, 40 inch hips. She only barely fit into the premium L sized bloomers we prepared for her. She is insecure about her huge ass, but she is made to exercise and it and thighs shake all over the place. She also loves to get fucked and cums many times in these cumshot bloomers!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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